Your Key to the Weed Map: Cannabis Strains

cannabis strains in Massachusetts

Cookie Wreck. Sour Tangie. Bordello. No, not rock bands. These are a few of the many different cannabis strains popular with adult users in Massachusetts. Beyond their funky names, however, are important distinctions.

Beyond Indica, Sativa and Hybrids: Understanding Legal Cannabis

go beyond indica, sativa and hybrids in cannabis

Think beyond indica, sativa and hybrids when you visit a dispensary.

What Are the Differences Between CBD and THC?

differences between CBD and THC

We’re here to clear the air of confusion, and to help the adult user of marijuana understand the differences between CBD and THC.

THC: What’s in it for me?

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana

There’s a lot of information about cannabis, its compounds and properties, so today, we’re going to break down one of the main ones for you: THC.

“Adult Use”: So much more than “Recreational Use”

“Recreational Use” of cannabis—the preferred term by government, media and some industry professionals, is misleading and misused. “Adult Use” is a more accurate description, and one that will help support ongoing legalization successes.

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